Jun 18

Be Careful what you pay for Accessories

Purchasing new electronics can be confusing. There’s so many choices and we’ll talk about that another day. Today I want to focus on something that’s really important and one area that I think people are getting taken to the cleaners.

We purchase the piece of electronic equipment, and god forbid, they should give us the cables to connect that equipment. Why would they — it’s another profit center for the retailer. Purchase the high end TV or Blu Ray Player. The next thing they’ll try to do is sell you two things. First, the protection plan — which for almost anything outside of a car or a laptop computer that you’re lugging around with you is a waste of money. The second is a cable to connect your equipment.

We’ll deal with extended warranties any my feelings about those in another post. Today I want to focus on cables. When I bought my Bluray DVD they salesman at Best Buy tried to sell me a “Monster” brand HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. The cable that he tried to sell me was almost $100. It had gold connectors, and I think if I had let the salesman continue he would have told me that it spit nickels at me after the first month. He’d do anything to get that add on sale — because for every add on he makes additional commission and the larger the sale the larger the commission.

Well guess what folks — unless you’re a true videophile or audiophile, there’s virtually no difference between the $100 cable and the $3.50 cables that I use. Take a look at the difference in pricing — and we’re just talking from “basic” cables to mid-range rated cables. First, Best Buy…


You can see that the lowest price cable that they have is about $20, and on their website they say you can get them as low as $3.99. But check this out… this is for a 16 Meter (about 52 feet) HDMI Cable…

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 7.48.58 AM

$2,800 for a cable – Even a long one? Give me a break – what can that cable do to justify that kind of price?

My favorite source for cables and just about any electronic accessories is Monoprice (http://www.monoprice.com). Here’s a comparison of their mid range and low range HDMI cables.



What a difference from the Best Buys and HH Greggs of the world. I use the $3.50 6’ cables all over my house. They connect everything. I’ve never had an issue with them, they provide outstanding picture quality and Monoprice is a pleasure to deal with. I heartily recommend them for all kinds of accessories from cables to connectors to cell phone cases.

But most importantly be careful in the retail stores — and don’t ever fall for some of the BS they like to throw your way.

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