Sep 22

iOS 7 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (or maybe not so pretty)

Unlike a lot of bloggers, I didn’t have the opportunity to use iOS 7 until the day it was released.  And because of that, I decided to wait a couple of days before I wrote anything about it.  Had I sat down an hour after I put it on my phone, this perspective most likely would have been a lot different.

The older we get the more resistant we are to change.  So when I first fired up iOS 7 I said to myself “Why in the hell did I do this – I wonder if I can go back to iOS 6”. That’s how dramatic the change was, at least to me. In fact I made the decision not to update my wife’s iPhone until I was completely familiar with the new iOS.  The look and feel of the new operating system is completely different, yet surprisingly similar in many respects. And it does take a couple of days to really get used to it and make the adjustments you need to make.

At first blush, many folks have used the word “comical” to describe the way it looks.  The colors are bright and bold and most importantly, simple.  There’s no more fancy backgrounds, or “leather” calendars. Many of the familiar apps that are built it are text on a stark background.  And speaking of text, Apple developed a new font for this release — one much simpler and leaner than fonts we’re used to – a font that’s harder to read as we get older.  There’s ways to make it easier, so if you want to know just reply here to the post, and I’ll take you through that.

Now after 2-3 days of using it on both my iPhone and iPad, I don’t think I would go back.  With the exception of a couple of things, I’m finding that I really do like the leaner, cleaner look.  The two things I have issues with are the iPhone Calendar (not the iPad though) and Notes.

First, the calendar.  They’ve taken away the month view that gives you the listing of appointments when you select a date in that view.  Now you just have a monthly calendar….


To see what’s happening on that date, you have to touch it and then scroll through every hour of the day and see what you have scheduled.  In addition, the list view is “gone”.  Actually, it’s still there but a bit harder to find.  In order to get that list view, you need to touch the search icon on the screen.  Then the list view will open, just like in the old app.  The weekly view is basically the same as the monthly view (it opens when you touch a date).  The list of days of the week are across the top, and you have to scroll through each day to see what your schedule is.

I suspect that most folks will opt for the “hidden” list view, because that does give you the best view of your appointments in my opinion.  That said, a great replacement for the built in Calendar is the Calendar App from Readdle.  There’s a free version and a full featured version for $4.99 in the app store.  Check them out here if you’re as frustrated with the calendar as I was.

Then there the Notes App.  It work just like the old one (the one that looked like yellow, lined paper).  But in their infinite wisdom, Apple changed the color scheme to this:


While the actual note text is black on the white background, any phone numbers or links (URLs) are yellow on white.  Probably not the easiest to read and having older eyes makes it a tad worse.

So, so far, with the exception of these two little things (one that is easily fixed with an app) I’m really glad I upgraded.  I find the new design a bit easier on these old eyes.  I haven’t found any apps that don’t work (and most have already been updated to iOS 7) although one of my friends found one called “Cigar Boss” that freezes on his iPad in landscape mode.

So, if you’re on the fence, go ahead and upgrade. Expect to take a couple of days to get used to the differences between iOS 6 and iOS 7, but once you do, I think you’ll really like it!

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  1. Tom

    Good article. I’m noticing some horrible hang ups on my iPad 3 with iOS 7… Hoping they work this out soon.

  2. Marty Silbernik

    Thanks for the comment. What kind of hang ups are you seeing on your iPad? Have done a complete re-start on it (hold down the home and power button until the screen goes back and then restart)?

    Oftentimes that solves a number of issues. Let me know if that works or any specific hangups you have. Maybe we can figure them out!

  3. Sara Sturtz

    So far, so good, Marty. Hated losing the month view on Calendar but will check out calendar app. I think I definitely will like organizing my photos better. Didn’t love scrolling through billions and billions…

  4. Marty Silbernik

    Invest in the app. I’m really liking it even better than the iOS 6 calendar.

  5. Judi

    Got the calendar app. I like it better too. Now I’m having trouble reading the new text with the new colors. There must be some kind of fix but I don’t know where to find it. Thanks..

  6. Marty Silbernik

    Judi… it’s relatively easy. Go into Settings>Accessibility and turn on bold text and larger type …

    Then go to General>Text Size and you’ll see a slider that will adjust the dynamic text size in the apps that let you select your text size …

    I’d love to show you the actual screens, but unfortunately, I can’t in a reply, but they’re easy to find.

    Hope that helps!

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