Sep 18

Talkin’ ’bout my Generation!

Every time you turn around there’s something new happening in the electronics industry.  And while new devices are really cool, the one thing that makes you wonder if you’re gadget is too old is when new software or firmware is released.

iOS 7 is being released today, and at dinner the other night one of my friends, who currently has an original iPad (that will only run up to iOS 5.x) realized that a number of the apps that he uses that are being released as iOS 7 compliant are on their “last” iOS 5 version, meaning that any future updates won’t work on his iPad.

So now he’s faced with a couple of decisions.  Do I get a new iPad?  And secondly, if I do, which generation iPad do I get – the most current, or will an iPad 2 (about $100 cheaper) work?  People in the Android world are seeing the same types of decisions.  There’s probably 3 or 4 operating systems in the Android world that are on the majority of the devices.  As Android quickly moves forward, those folks may be faced with the same decisions.

So what should you think about to make the right decision?  First, do you need to upgrade?  Just because some of your apps might not be updated in the future, they’re still working now, and they still do what they did for you  yesterday.  If it’s working why fix it? New features don’t always make something better, or do something that you aren’t already doing now. So, if it’s working you might just want to stay with what you have, and worry about upgrading when there’s a real reason for you to do so.  There will rarely be a shortage of products for you to upgrade to.

Now the second question. You’ve decided that the latest greatest app that doesn’t work on your device is something you absolutely have to have.  Which new one of the available generation of devices should you get?  I have a simple rule that I like to follow.  Get the most current, as long as you can afford it.  Why have to go through the same process in a couple of years when the “new” gadget you bought suddenly won’t work the latest and greatest.

You’ll generally get the longest lifetime with the latest generation product.  If the upgrade price is too steep you can always sell your old product on eBay or to any one of a multitude of online vendors that will purchase your older device. That, oftentimes can offset some of the cost, or in the case of some smartphones may make the upgrade free or very very low cost.

Other than eBay, here’s a list of vendors that will buy your older stuff.  I’ve never used any of them since in the past I’ve always used eBay, but if you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of listing an item and waiting for bids, these might be good sources for you.

Good luck with your decision. As always, feel free to post any comments, but if you do, please try to post them here, on the blog.  I’d like to build the usage of the blog to get the search engines to index it.  The more activity out here, the more hits I get from the search engines.

Thanks and be sure to forward, follow, comment and share it!


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