Feb 19

Candy Crush Crushes Tootsie Roll :(

Well, it seems to be official, according to every news report I’ve seen or read. The value of Candy Crush — that addicting game that I know you’re playing but won’t admit to — has been “valued” at $5 Billion (yeah – with a “B”).

In fact, I heard that their profits are now up to $500 Million.  But let’s get back to the valuation at $5 Billion.  That’s (to use Candy Crush terms) 2X the value of Tootsie Roll Enterprises.  It’s incredible when you look at the lineup of products that Tootsie Roll makes.

I just wonder how they got to the $5 Billion valuation of Candy Crush, because as far as I’m concerned, Tootsie Rolls still crush Candy Crush!

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  1. Matt F

    I cannot imagine this game being worth 5 Billion to anyone. At some point people will get over it, get bored and move on. I assume that the worth in this game is not in it’s quality but in its ability to collect information or push advertising to the user. When the attention deficit gamers move on to the next big thing what will this company be worth then?

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