Dec 16

I really want to get it but…

I know that I’ve talked about getting the latest and greatest devices over the year or so I’ve been blogging.  But this time of year the thought of “strapping” yourself with old technology (which is really current technology that will soon be updated) can cause a lot of concern.  What should you do?  Buy it now for your kid or your spouse?  Should you give them a cute certificate and tell them when the new version is out, you’ll get it for them then (not a real good idea, by the way — it rarely works).

Well, a good friend of mine, Stuart Sweet, who is the online maven for Solid Signal (www.solidsignal.com) helped put it back into perspective again…  Take a look at what Stuart says in his blog post “Should you wait for the next big thing?”

Stuart and I are pretty much on the same page about this, and I just wanted to pass on his thoughts as many of you scramble for those last minute gifts. [important]Oh, and be sure to take a look at and subscribe to his blog – http://blog.solidsignal.com.  Stuart can be a wealth of tech information for folks at all levels![/important]

Happy New Year to everyone!

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