Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 10

Holy Resource Batman!!

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about using technology for those of us that are a little afraid of tech.  But, you know, there’s so many resources out there that I think it’s time to start taking a little tour through some of the resources that we really might not think about. A couple …

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Mar 06

Hey Honey – do you have any idea what this is for?

Have you ever found anything at your house and wondered “what the heck is this for?” Well it happens to me all the time.  I’m going through a closet and suddenly I see something like this… Yup… the ever present cable box.  I think I have cables in there from before I got married.  I …

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Mar 03

It’s been a bit hectic

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks around here with family events and happenings, so I’ve been kind of quiet, and probably will be until the end of the month. If I get some time, I’ll try to find something interesting to talk about. But, in the interim… I was watching TV and saw this …

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